We spoke with Legal Practitioner Director, Paul D’Angelo, who answered the three most common commercial law questions people ask him.

1. How much is it going to cost to engage a lawyer?

The initial phone consultation is always free. For litigation, there is a scale hourly rate that is set by the The Legal Practice Board Cost Committee of WA. Our hourly rate falls below that recommended rate and is $400 + GST. For transactional work such as wills, trusts, and contracts, we charge on a fixed fee basis and discuss this with you at the initial consultation.

2. What is the process and what are my options?

We always aim to sit down with a client and talk about their situation in our initial consultation. The process they go through and the options available to them will differ with each client – it depends on the specific facts and circumstances.  It is the focus of our firm to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings at all stages and use informal mediations wherever possible. If a resolution can be found through mediation, it makes the process quicker, easier, and more affordable for both parties.

3. What can I expect at the end?

You can expect that we will do everything we can to achieve the best possible result for you and in the most economical way. Whether it is for recovery of monies, enforcement of a contract, or defending a matter, we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes so we can advise on the best solution for them. You always get an honest opinion. We will tell you if you do or do not have a case. We actively advise clients whilst taking into consideration their financial positions and the resolution they are trying to achieve.

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