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D'Angelo Legal is experienced in providing practical advice on a wide range of Litigation matters.

We pride ourselves on resolving the vast majority of Disputes without instituting court proceedings. However, we also realise that not all disputes can be settled and therefore if necessary, will consider if the dispute should proceed to mediation, arbitration or if necessary court. This means that if you need representation in any Court or Tribunal we have the expertise to assist you.


Debt Collection

The need for debt recovery is a common occurrence. At D’Angelo Legal we assess, with you, the likelihood of recovery with the most cost effective approach. Simplifying the process, an unpaid invoice is a breach of contract. Disputes arise when parties to a contract don’t do what they agreed too. In these situations it is paying for products or services supplied by you.

Debt collection may involve a few stages:

  1. First, we review our client’s agreement with the debtor to ascertain whether legal costs and interest can be claimed – quite often the terms and conditions are silent on this point, which triggers a recommendation the client have the same redrafted to avoid future issues;
  2. A letter of demand is issued to the debtor and an outcome can sometimes be negotiated if the debtor responds – this may result in full payment, or a deed of settlement being prepared to finalise the dispute between the parties;
  3. If an outcome cannot be agreed, the litigation team at D’Angelo Legal take steps to assist the client in taking the matter to court, if able and if instructed to do so.

Our Commercial team commence assisting clients with these matters, before passing the same to the Litigation team, if required.

Clients are provided with a risk analysis of their claim and are asked to consider the commercial / financial risks as well as other costs as each client has different appetites for risk.

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