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Our families are the closest thing to us. It is understandably life-changing when a marriage or de facto relationship ends.

Often, the circumstances of a Family Law matter bring about more questions than answers and, naturally, can be cause for a very emotional time in any person’s life.

We at D’Angelo Legal like to take a family and child-focused approach to this area of the law. We see the value in building strong, post-separation relationships and take pride in helping our clients reach practical and favourable agreements, wherever possible. This means a particular focus on negotiations and mediation, along with sound and honest legal advice. Should agreements not be possible, our family law solicitors in Perth can support you through the next necessary stages towards a final resolution of your matter.

Being a multi-disciplinary firm, clients are also able to benefit from the full suite of practice areas D’Angelo Legal offers, particularly when it comes to matters which might involve immigration, corporation and property issues.

The family law solicitors team at D’Angelo Legal in Perth are here to help you and your family navigate through these changes and to assist you as you consider the care arrangements for your children and the division of the property in your relationship. If you are interested in learning more, head to our “Contact Us” tab above to find out how you can speak with one of our Family Law team.


Separation & Divorce

Unfortunately, and sometimes unexpectedly, relationships come to an end. Separation of a de facto or married couple can be a very difficult and strenuous time, especially when children or property are involved.

Separation specifically occurs (generally) when one party decides they no longer wish to be in a relationship with the other, communicates that to the other party and then begins to live as if the relationship were over. This commonly takes the form of one party moving out of the former family home. However, sometimes this is not possible for one reason or another, so you may find you and your former partner separated under the one roof.

Once separated, your mind may begin to turn to what happens next. As you might imagine, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to divide your property, arrange for the care of your children and (as it applies to you) end your marriage. If you have any questions about what to do next, there are a wealth of resources available (see our “Useful Links” tab for more) or you might consider obtaining legal advice from our family law solicitors in Perth.

For de facto couples, separation marks the end of the relationship. Generally, the parties have 24 months to finalise their property matters in the Court. For married couples, again generally, the parties have 12 months from the date of their divorce to finalise their property matters.

A married couple may apply in the Family Court of Western Australia for a divorce after 12 months of separation. A divorce is a straight-forward application, though may have complications and involve Court dates in circumstances where the parties have underage children, were separated under the one roof for a period of time or if one party won’t take part in the divorce process. It is in those circumstances that you might consider reaching out for legal advice.

The family law solicitors team at D’Angelo Legal in Perth are happy to guide and assist you through the separation and divorce process and it is our continued privilege to support our clients as they navigate through this stage of their lives. If you are interested in learning more, head to our “Contact Us” tab above to find out how you can speak with one of our Family Law team

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