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Why should you use D’Angelo Legal?

The sale or purchase of residential property, commercial property and businesses is one of the most significant commercial transactions that people do in their lives. It is an exciting time, but also one of the most stressful.

Whether you are selling or buying an existing house, unit, apartment, vacant land, commercial property, factory, shop or retail premise or business, we can facilitate your settlement for you, making the process as easy and stress free as possible.

We offer the benefit of your settlement being supervised by a qualified legal practitioner who has extensive experience in contracts and conveyancing. This should offer you peace of mind, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong in the course of your matter.

In the unfortunate situation that a problem arises, through no fault of your own, the supervising solicitor is aware of the matter in detail. Should legal advice be required, this preliminary advice is often complimentary as part of the settlement fee.

We are often able to stop or prevent problems from occurring at all by identifying potential problems before they become an issue – and this includes by ensuring the contract is drafted correctly from the beginning. This can result in cost and time savings, not to mention peace of mind.

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Conveyancing & Settlements

Land Settlements

Whether you are buying, selling, investing, or transferring property we can assist with the preparation of documents to facilitate the transaction.

We conduct a range of searches on your behalf to ensure that there are no surprises. Searches conducted include:

  1. Title searches;
  2. Encumbrance searches;
  3. Local Authority searches; and
  4. Rating information

We assist with:

  1. Reviewing your contract to ensure you are aware of the basic terms, conditions, legal requirements and time frames of your contract;
  2. Lodgement of the Contract for Sale with the Office of State Revenue for assessment of duty payable;
  3. Assistance and preparation of the relevant paperwork to facilitate settlement;
  4. Liaise with any incoming or outgoing lenders involved with settlement and ensure all relevant documentation is signed and executed by you in this regard;
  5. Liaise with any other third parties such as Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Managing Agent’s, who are involved with settlement;
  6. Conduct all necessary searches and provide you with options for additional searches if you wish to do further due diligence, including local authority enquiries (Shire, Water, Land Tax and WA Planning Commission if applicable);
  7. Making sure any special conditions relating to the contract are met to your satisfaction;
  8. Attend to the transfer of settlement funds, including any third party payments required (e.g. rates payments, Real Estate Commission, etc.);
  9. Completing the transfer of ownership; and
  10. Monitoring the progress of your transaction with Landgate to ensure the transaction is successfully registered and transferred.

PEXA is a secure online platform that that we at D’Angelo Legal utilise as a registered user to allow for quick and easy property transactions. E-conveyancing minimises the manual processes associated with property settlements allowing documents to be registered immediately.

E-conveyancing reduces delays giving you greater certainty of your settlement occurring successfully on time. Funds distributed via PEXA are also immediate, so no more waiting for bank cheques to clear.

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