Meet Jackson Brown, Law Clerk at D’Angelo Legal

When did you start working at D’Angelo Legal and what is your position within the firm?

I started working at D’Angelo Legal in March of 2014 as a Law Clerk, after four weeks of work experience at the firm.

What degrees are you currently studying and where?

I am currently studying a double degree in Law and Economics at Murdoch University. I finished all of the required units for my Economics degree last year, and now just need to complete three more law units.

How are you enjoying your time at university and when will you complete your studies?

I have enjoyed the university culture and I have met many of my friends at Murdoch, however I am looking forward to finishing in June of this year!

What is your favourite area of law so far and why?

I have an interest in many areas of law, but in particular I enjoy niche areas of law that provide for challenging research. I have most enjoyed planning law, shipping law, contract law and administrative law.

What do you enjoy most about working at D’Angelo Legal?

The best part about working at D’Angelo Legal is the open door policy. Every person that works within the firm is always accessible and happy to answer any questions. I was always worried about starting at a firm, but everybody at the firm has been welcoming and has provided me with great mentoring. The culture at the firm is without compare.

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